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Who are Global Health Products

Global Health Products was established in the mid 1990s between, Professor, Dr. John Whitman Ray : B.A. N.D. D.Sc. N.M.D. C.T. M.T. C.I. Cert. Pers. Ph.D. B.C. Dip. M.D. (M.A.). Dr.Ac. F.F.I.M. and close friend Ian Morrison.

A decision was made to search out the best people from around the world, and bring them together to create the ultimate Global Health Products. Our commitment to our customers is to encourage healthy living in both body and mind and to share a common spirit of wellbeing amongst all peoples. Our goal is to show the superiority of nature over both man and his chemical substitutes.

We proudly present our range of products to the public with full confidence in their ability to provide you with optimum health benefits, and to greatly improve the quality of your journey through life.